Phil Richardson
Music instruction ....


Phil Richardson offers instruction to children and adults in violin, guitar and five-string banjo.

Teaching at a facility at The Greenwood School, or at your home, Phil's approach seeks the balance between fun and spontaneity and the discipline necessary to advance. He encourages students to really “Listen” and “Hear.”

Phil focuses on music as an activity for personal enrichment. While not a stickler for technique, he does emphasize the importance of a proper physical relationship to the instrument.

Phil's teaching goal is to give his students a healthy foundation that will carry them as far as they want to go.

Music’s appeal is that it communicates directly, in the moment, to the heart. It shares the essential underlying qualities of life itself, and effortlessly crosses the boundaries of culture and time. Musical expression involves the whole being: mind, heart and body.

Playing music , regardless of age, gives you the opportunity to focus on just one thing – valuable in these times.

Contact Phil by phone at (415) 388-7235 or by email.


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